Clinical Achievement Award Past Recipients

This award is presented to a WSHA member who demonstrates advancement of knowledge in clinical practices as evidenced by significant accomplishment within the last three years in clinical service in speech-language pathology or audiology. There are no limitations to any particular type of clinical achievement or activity. Some examples of eligible activities or accomplishments for which an individual may be considered for the award include:

  • Achievement with a single client or group of clients; 
  • Clinical service programming; 
  • Program development.

The name of the person receiving the WSHA Clinical Achievement Award will be Washington's nominee for the DiCarlo Award, which is granted by the American Speech & Hearing Foundation.

Past Recipients

2015 Sandra Bassett
2015 Eva Baharav
2015 Amy Skinder
2011 Diane Kendall
2009 Carole Kaulitz
2005 Gay Loyd Pinder
2004 Lesley Olswang
1998 Roberta Kelly
1997 Robert Miller
1994 Ken Ullrich
1993 Kathryn Yorkston
1990 Susan T.W. Geyer
1987 Carl McGrath
1985 David Beukelman
1984 Linda Crosslan
1983 Susan Mather